hoskie: Oscar Wilde in traditional Greek garb. (Oscar Wilde in traditional Greek garb.)

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Birthdate:Apr 20
Location:(states/regions/territories), Canada
This account is just a placeholder. You can visit me over on LJ at

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alexander the great, alternate history, animation, architecture, bagpipes, bears, biblia sacra vulgata, board games, book collecting, books, brideshead revisited, canada, canadian music, cartooning, celtic punk, classical history, clerical garb, clerics, comic books, costuming, cubs, david sedaris, death in venice, democratic socialism, dennis kucinich, doctor who, dungeons and dragons, ecclesia antinoi, english tudor architecture, fandom, frasier, frederick the great, fregg, ftms, furries, fursuits, gas masks, george cecil ives, greek, greek love, guinness, guitar hero, hadrian, harry potter, hellenic reconstructionism, historical fiction, hockey, homoerotic subtext, homoeroticism, human rights, ian mckellen, ireland, jack layton, jeeves and wooster, john barrowman, jooster, kilts, larry david, latin, legendz, libraries, masculinity, maurice, medieval monasticism, military garb, morrissey, museums, mythbusters, mythology, n****o, national treasure, neopets, nick frost, noel coward, old books, old money, oscar wilde, oxford, oz, penguins, pet shop boys, philosophy, pineapple express, plato, portuguese, priests, queer history, red dwarf, richard iii, ricky gervais, science fiction, severus snape, sf4m, sherlock holmes, shonen manga, simon pegg, slash, slash fan fiction, sparta, star trek, star wars, stargate, stephen fry, symposium, the bolton wanderers, the muppets, the ndp, the second doctor, the toronto maple leafs, the united kingdom, the university of toronto, tim gunn, tom ripley, tomb raider, torchwood, toronto, toy collecting, transformers, transmen, trinity college, uranism, victorian england, victorian townhouses, video games, walt whitman, wine, world of warcraft, xbox 360, yaoi, yugioh, ♂♂
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